Kind words. Happy clients.

These testimonials show how Becket's years of experience have helped her clients overcome pain and discomfort stemming from a wide range of issues and illnesses.

"I just wanted to write a note to say thanks for the reflexology session. When you did the little bit of reflexology on me during my massage session, I was amazed how good my knees felt the next day. My knees are not the best after 5 surgeries to remove cartilage. The day before my massage I had played 18 holes of golf at a very hilly golf course so I knew I would have knee pain for the next few days.

Since you have done massage on me for years, I know it was not massage which helped with the pain. Massage helps my muscles but it has not helped with the pains I get in my knees. The only thing different was the reflexology. The next day, my knees did not hurt.

When we did the hour-long reflexology session, I was impressed by 2 things. First, I wish I could get reflexology done before anything stressful I have to do. It is so relaxing. Not muscle relaxing, which it does some of that, but it is mind relaxing. I do not sleep during massage sessions, but I know I did during some of the reflexology. The second impression was all of my joints felt good. I found, when I got home, I did some extra stretching, because I could stretch further with less pain. It might be an interesting study to do, flexibility before reflexology and flexibility after a reflexology session.

Thanks so much for the introduction to reflexology and for your continued skill in finding things that help me feel better." - Joan, knee pain

"Your massage was wonderful. My feet feel so much more relaxed. I slept so well last night. Seriously, your hands are magical and my lower back feels much better." - Rhoda, feet and back pain

"I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my foot (a painful condition involving the tissue in the ball of the foot hardening and requires constant stretching to keep it 'loose') and was sentenced to one session of physical therapy to learn various stretches to help resolve the issue. Immediately I decided to pursue as many options as possible, so I did some research and decided to attend reflexology on a weekly basis.

I chose Becket because she’s nationally certified in Reflexology. When it comes to health I personally want and demand the best, so therefore I chose to see the best. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never experienced reflexology, but immediately felt comfortable thanks to Becket’s professionalism. She explained what she was going to do and emphasized to speak up if I had any questions or issues during our session.

After our first session, I admit that my foot didn’t feel noticeably different, but I knew going in that it was going to take several consistent sessions to start seeing changes. My podiatrist said that it can take up to one year (!) for fasciitis to heal, so I start reflexology knowing that it was going to be for the long haul. After a few weeks (1 hour sessions once a week) I began to definitely notice a change; in the mornings my foot hurt a lot less than before I started reflexology. Beforehand, I couldn’t even get out of bed and walk on my foot until I spent 3-5 minutes stretching it, but now I’m able to do a quick stretch and walk on it without pain.

Six months later and I’m extremely pleased with the progress I’ve seen and highly recommend Healthful Touch! I’m certain that if I only stuck to the exercises that my results would not have been nearly as great! - Melissa, foot pain

"Getting Becket’s massage after I work out keeps me pain free the next day!” - 50-something client

“Regular massages from Becket are relieving the tightness and pain in my shoulder and back from working at my computer.” - Bailey, home-based business owner

“This is the best thing I do for me.” - Sharon, Registered Nurse

“Sometimes I arrive at my massage appointment feeling scattered and unfocused. It feels like Becket’s massage 'knits' me back together again, and I return home feeling peaceful and whole again!” - Dee, Professional Life Coach

“When I come out of deep relaxation at the end of my reflexology session, I marvel at just how relaxed I am. Becket has given me specific relief of shoulder and foot pain, and on days of high stress and distractedness, she has given me calm and clarity. She is truly important to my health and well being.” - Tony, Musician