Choose individual sessions or a Wellness Package.

Healthful Touch offers competitive rates. At each session, we’ll look at what’s going on to ensure that Becket targets specific issues as well as improves your overall well-being. Whether you come for a single session or need ongoing services, your path to healing starts here.

Individual Signature Sessions

30-minute session – $55

60-minute session – $80

75-minute session – $100

90-minute session – $110

Signature Session Wellness Packages

Pre-paid and pre-booked to reserve your preferred times.

30-minute sessions

Package of 3$165 $150 (save $15/10%)

Package of 6$330 $265 (save $65/20%)

60-minute sessions

Package of 3$240 $215 (save $25/10%)

Package of 6$480 $385 (save $95/20%)

75-minute sessions

Package of 3$300 $270 (save $30/10%)

Package of 6$600 $480 (save $120/20%)

90-minute sessions

Package of 3$330 $300 (save $30/10%)

Package of 6$660 $525 (save $135/20%)

Chronic issues

If you experience chronic issues and want to achieve results more quickly, consider scheduling a series of Healthful Touch Signature Sessions. While single sessions offer relief, treatment effects are cumulative, and a succession of treatments can help treat both symptoms and underlying causes more effectively.

To gain even greater benefit, also consider more frequent (weekly) treatments, which enable the body to stay in the healing cycle, accelerating healing time. If chronic pain or related issues are holding you back in life, make the commitment to prioritize your health—and enjoy feeling your best again.

Benefits of working with Becket at Healthful Touch

  • personal, one-on-one services
  • relief from pain
  • overall rejuvenation
  • a clearer mind
  • healthier immune system
  • shorter weight time, no need to wait long time to get into Physical Therapy
  • Upon your request, Becket can provide you a receipt for your insurance needs