Benefits of hands-on healing therapy

Massage has long been recognized for its ability to relieve muscle tension and stiffness, reduce stress and enable relaxation.

In addition, hands-on therapy actually kick-starts the body's own ability to heal itself, strengthening the immune system.

It provides a wide range of health benefits, including:

  • lowering blood pressure
  • increasing circulation for faster healing and recovery from injury
  • promoting healthier skin
  • decreasing inflammation, which helps to relieve pain
  • relieving the discomforts of pregnancy, including pain, swelling, gas, constipation, and heartburn
  • increasing range of motion, mobility, and flexibility so you can move more freely
  • reducing pain in the body
  • promoting restful sleep and increased energy
  • reducing muscle spasms, which helps to relieve pain
  • promoting better and deeper breathing
  • improving posture
  • reducing stress and anxiety, which calms the mind and body
  • improving lymph function, which reduces swelling and inflammation throughout the body
  • increasing body awareness and connecting mind, body and spirit

Reduce and manage chronic pain

Reflexology and massage can make a big difference in managing the pain associated with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, neuropathy or migraines. These therapies help to

  • reduce stress and tension (both mental and physical)
  • reduce or eliminate pain in your body so you feel better
  • reduce or eliminate reliance on medication
  • improve or restore body function so you can move through life easier

Experience a reduction of pain in your first session. Becket's training in both massage and reflexology, along with more than 20 years of experience, give her unique skills and insights into helping clients dealing with pain.

She is also the only pain management specialist in the Twin Cities using the effective Nervous System Balance Technique.

Experience deep relaxation

If you're looking for a relaxing massage that can ease muscle tension caused by stress, you will find Becket to be a wonderfully capable practitioner.

She can also customize your session to address a range of needs. Offerings include

  • relaxing Swedish massage
  • knot-blasting deep-tissue massage
  • reflexology sessions
  • the ability to incorporate or combine any of the above in a single session

Speed healing after injury

Reflexology and massage are also helpful  in managing the pain that results from trauma events to any part of the body, including

  • falls
  • car accidents
  • sports-related injuries

Addressing injuries quickly not only speeds the healing process but has also been shown to prevent or reduce long-term pain issues.